Janhvi Kapoor claims that if she smiles too much, people will say, ‘kitni eager, kitni desperate hai.’

Janhvi Kapoor mentioned that she is aware that the attention she received at the beginning of her career was due to her parents, Sridevi and Boney Kapoor. Janhvi Kapoor has explained that there is a “extra sense of pressure” because people will point fingers at her no matter what she does. The actor was discussing … Read more

Oscars 2023: Everything You Need to Know About The Elephant Whisperers, an Oscar-Winning Indian Documentary

Oscars 2023: The Elephant Whisperers, directed by Kartiki Gonsalves, won the Oscar for Best Documentary Short Film at the 95th Academy Awards on March 12, 2023. The 95th Academy Awards have arrived, and this year’s ceremony is full of anticipation. And India’s ‘The Elephant Whisperers,’ directed by Kartiki Gonsalves, won the Oscar for Best Documentary … Read more

Tom Sizemore, ‘Saving Private Ryan’ Actor, Dies at 61

Tom Sizemore, ‘Saving Private Ryan’ star, dead at 61

Tom Sizemore died on Friday after being taken off life support, according to his manager, Charles Lago. On February 18, the 61-year-old actor suffered a brain aneurysm. “It is with great sadness and sorrow that I must inform you that actor Thomas Edward Sizemore (‘Tom Sizemore’) died peacefully in his sleep today at St Joseph’s … Read more

Shakira admits that seeing her ex-boyfriend Gerard Piqué with his girlfriend ‘hurt’ her.

Shakira feels 'hurt' by Gerard Pique’s new romance

Shakira and Gerard Pique’s split made headlines in June 2022, and since then, the Colombian singer has opened up about the heartache she experienced during their separation. The couple, who had been together for over a decade and shared two children, announced their split in a joint statement, citing their children as their top priority. … Read more

Bruce Willis Diagnosed with Frontotemporal Dementia: Understanding the Disease and its Symptoms

Bruce Willis Diagnosed with Frontotemporal Dementi

Actor Bruce Willis‘s family announced on Thursday that he had been diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia, a disease that causes nerve damage in the frontal and temporal lobes of the brain. This condition can lead to a loss of function in those areas and present with various symptoms, including challenges with speaking, writing, comprehension, empathy, judgment, … Read more

Kamya Panjabi: The Versatile Actress Who Rules Hearts

  Kamya Panjabi is a popular name in the Indian television industry. She is an actress known for her strong performances, bold personality, and charming smile. With a career spanning over two decades, Kamya has established herself as one of the leading actresses in the industry. In this article, we will delve deeper into Kamya’s … Read more

Bigg Boss 16 winner: Kamya Punjabi REACTS to MC Stan’s win and Priyanka Chahar Choudhary’s loss; says, ‘Kya jeeta hai re’

MC Stan won Bigg Boss 16 after defeating Shiv Thakare and Priyanka Chahar Choudhary. Kamya Punjabi has reacted to his victory. Bigg Boss 16 ended yesterday with rapper MC Stan lifting the trophy. Shiv Thakare, his mandali mate, was the first finalist, and Priyanka Chahar Choudhary was the second. His journey inside the house was … Read more

How to Maximize Your Fitness Goals with EVO Gym

Get Fit Anywhere with the EVO Gym Portable Home Gym

Importance of exercise in maintaining a healthy lifestyle Challenges faced by people in going to the gym Concept of Portable Home Gym Exercise is essential to maintaining a healthy lifestyle because it provides numerous physical and mental health benefits. Regular exercise can help improve cardiovascular health, strengthen bones and muscles, boost mood and cognitive function, … Read more

Transform Your Home Projects with the Sulfar Power Action Heavy Duty Screw Driver Tool Kit

Sulfar Power Action Heavy Duty Screw Driver Tool Kit

The Sulfar Power Action Heavy Duty Screw Driver Tool Kit Drilling Machine is a high-performance tool for efficient and precise drilling and screw driving. With its powerful motor, versatile attachments, and durable construction, this tool can easily handle even the most challenging jobs. One of the key features of the Sulfar Power Action Heavy Duty … Read more