TikTok & Twitter are under fire for false posts made by fans after Andrew Tate’s arrest.

Andrew Tate arrest: 'Lock those Criminals'- Social media enraged after Andrew  Tate and Trian Tate get arrested for alleged Human trafficking

Social media firms are in the spotlight after allowing conspiracy theories that may impact the investigation into human trafficking into Romania’s “king of toxic masculinity” Andrew Tate after his arrest in connection with a human trafficking investigation.

In the hours after his detention, TikTok and Twitter were flooded with posts falsely claiming he had been released and conspiracy theories saying he had been set up, Observer analysis shows.

“Having conspiracy theories proliferate which might put at risk the integrity of an investigation or the safety of those involved is unconscionable,” said Imran Ahmed, CEO of the Center for Countering Digital Hate.

In connection with an investigation into rape, human trafficking, and organized crime, Andrew Tate, a 36-year-old British-American internet personality best known for his misogynistic views, was detained in Romania on December 29 along with his brother Tristan.

The former kickboxer and Big Brother contestant was the subject of an investigation by the Observer in August, which found that TikTok was aggressively promoting his content to users, including boys and young men. Andrew Tate’s online academy members had been instructed to post controversial clips to increase engagement and trick the algorithm.

Four people, including two Britons, were suspected of being a part of a criminal organization that lured women with promises of a relationship before sexually exploiting them, according to prosecutors’ statement following his arrest last week.

Prosecutors said in a statement following his arrest last week that four people, including two Britons, were suspected of being a part of a criminal organization that enticed women into relationships before sexually exploiting them.

Thousands of supporters have already made their decisions on social media. Andrew Tate‘s supporters asserted that he had been set up on TikTok and Twitter using the hashtags #freetopG and #tateinnocent without providing any supporting evidence. One person commented on Twitter, “People lie because they hate Tate.” “I’m 100% sure Tate is innocent. FREE TATE,” said another.

Others blamed “the Matrix” for setting him up. This was– fuelled by Tate himself in a tweet posted after news of his arrest: “The Matrix sent their agents,” he wrote on Friday.