Sumner Stroh claims she had an affair with singer Adam Levine

Adam Levine Affair Accuser Posted Cryptic Captions, Maroon 5 Songs In Unearthed  TikToks | USbites

Sumner Stroh, the influencer who claimed singer Adam Levine had an extramarital relationship with her, previously In some TikTok videos with mysterious captions, Maroon 5 songs from the past are utilized.
Stroh alleged that she had an affair with Levine, who is married and has two children with Victoria’s Secret model Behati Prinsloo in a since-viral TikTok video on Monday.

Levine answered the claim on Tuesday and asserted that he did not have an affair. However, he “crossed the line during a regrettable period of my life.”

In an apparent response to Levine’s assertion that he did not have an affair, Stroh wrote: “get this man a dictionary” on Tuesday.

Two other women have since come forward and claimed the singer sexted them on Instagram. Levine’s representatives did not immediately return HuffPost’s requests for comment.

Stroh’s initial allegations on Monday spurred social media users to dig back and find a pair of videos filmed by the influencer that included a Maroon 5-soundtrack.

In a TikTok of her kicking around and smiling in bed that she allegedly shared last year, Stroh used the Maroon 5 song “Beautiful Mistakes.”

“I look at my life and just laugh sometimes,” Stroh wrote in a text on the video.

The clip of the song Stroh used in the video included the lyrics: “She’s naked in my bed, and now we lie awake, making beautiful mistakes” and “I wouldn’t take ’em back, I’m in love with the past.”

In another TikTok allegedly shared in August, Stroh played the Maroon 5 song “Animals” while touching her hair and looking at the camera.

“this is a lil too specific,” Stroh allegedly wrote under the video.
The video showed Stroh mouthing along as Levine sang: “but I get so high when I’m inside you, yeah you can start over you can run free” and “you can find other fish in the sea, you can pretend it’s meant to be, but you can’t stay away from me.”

Source: huffpost